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Capable of banging against who?

Elson 7'0" 235 lbs.
Yao 7"6" 310 lbs.
Shaq 7'1" 325 lbs.

Cisco better stay out by Dirk (245 lbs. and bulking up more each season), stay away from Yao and Shaq. a man's gotta know his limitations...

Originally Posted by miguelito
I like Elson's size and toughness. Is he a great center? No. Is he passable as a 7-footer for $6 million/2 years? Absolutely.

The Spurs need the toughness we lacked with freaking Rasho/Nazr in there. It protects Tim from more foul trouble and finally makes people think twice about coming into the paint against the Spurs. Elson is capable of banging against the Shaq and Yao, and is capable of throwing downa nasty dunk here and there. We haven't had that since Kevin Willis, and Willis was too old to intimidate anyone.
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