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Originally Posted by Ducks
see what happens when you play in the nba for a few years you get paid jav
Javtokas would have commanded less than Elson or Butler. By all reports, he was not only willing, but eager to play in the NBA. Next thing you know, negotiations go sour and he takes a less than overwhelming offer from Europe instead. My guess is, either he was told to wait and see how it went with them and if their teams matched, or the offer on the table was poor enough that he'd be sure to turn it down.

In any case, there is little if any evidence that it was Javtokas' greed which made the talks fall through. Which prompts me to what's ultimately the point of my reply: quit beating a dead horse. Your old and shallow arguments ragging on every player that doesn't come to terms with the Spurs are tiring and pointless. Don't you have something better to do with your time instead?
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