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Originally Posted by Birn
I have no problem with Elson. I never was sure if Javtokas could play in the NBA at the level he did in Europe. The NBA is completely different. I would've liked to see him come over for the LLE but not more than that. Elson has been in the league and has shown enough to earn the contract offer he received. If the Spurs didn't give him that offer, another team would have likely offered similar money or maybe more. That's how free agency works. Sometimes players are overpaid but that's the result of simple supply and demand. What other known NBA centers are there on the free market? Since Jav is not yet a proven commodity, it's not wise for the Spurs to pay him more than the LLE. Let's not get crazy about what Jav can actually do on the court. He can run, jump, and dunk. Which is the same thing that Sean Marks can do and a lot of other players. If you put Sean Marks in Europe, he would deliver some great stats and would probably win a few individual awards. That doesn't necessarily mean he would become a good NBA player. Remember that the Spurs always said that Jav would be used as a role player off the bench, not a starter. Of course, for someone who was only going to be a role player to say that the Spurs offer is an "insult" and to also demand minutes is a huge mistake. Especially when dealing with the Spurs FO. I have no problem with either Elson or Butler. Jav was not the second coming of DRob. He was only going to be a bench player. Elson knows the league and is every bit as athletic as Javtokas. If jav was such a hot NBA prospect, why aren't we hearing about other teams asking the Spurs about trading his rights to them? It's the same thing with Scola. Those players become legends on message boards because fans only see highlights of their best plays. What would happen if we only saw highlights of their mistakes? I trust that our scouts have seen enough of their best plays and their worst plays to help them make a well-informed decision. I'm not worried about our off-season at all. The Spurs will be there in the end contending for a title just like the past 4 years.
This is probably the best post here recently in regards to off-season moves. Everyone needs to read this and relax. I couldn't have said it better, well said.
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