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As usual, some of you are missing a concept: TEAM

let me say it again: TEAM. T-E-A-M Repeat and rinse

This being said, this concept means that you need EACH AND EVERY PART OF THE TEAM (yeah, even the role players). And as we are at it, THE BETTER THE PART THAT CONSTITUTE THE WHOLE, THE BETTER THE TEAM.

OK, could somebody explain how we did good without a C? OK, let's move Tim to C, how are we going to do without a PF? And don't tell me dellusional stuff like those 1 point- 2 boards a game Centers are the answer. Any team could double Tim without a problem, our so called "Centers" won't make a basket anyway. They couldn't til now, I don't see how they'll become good all of the sudden.

Now, let's assume Tim gets injured, which isn't strange (knocking on wood). I hope our "small ball" team gets really outstanding, because we have no answers for the PF and C positions. Guess some of you have a quite small memory lapse, but when TD got injured Spurs had to rotate Horry, Nazr and Rasho. And we suffered. Now, if Tim gets injured, our solution is to put Horry, Scola and Javtokas. Wait... no, we didn't get those suckie-suckie. We have (ta-daaah!) Horry, BONNER, ELSON, BUTLER.

I know I'm slow, so I'd like somebody to explain me how these new guys are better than the older guys THAT COULDN'T FIT THE SHOES EITHER.

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