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Originally Posted by l=w
No. We need young talent off the bench. Also some kind of starting center.

If we don't have those things, we wear out all the important players, who will be gassed by the time the playoffs roll around.

I don't know why people pretend having the Big 3 alone is enough or we should be happy simply for having them. There's a reason why active rosters have 12 players.

Ummm.... Most teams have 1 All Star, Lucky teams have 2, like Miami who just won the whole thing. We have 3 plus Mike Fin coming off the bench and I am pretty sure we will have 12 guys on our roster that are pretty talented. Most likely any young talent that comes in right now is not gonna fit in the Spurs system right away and will be sitting on the bench come playoff time anyway. We will still have a pretty deep bench compared to most teams and any center is better than that non-dunking stiff Nesterovic... Your posts make me laugh sometimes
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