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Originally Posted by ro_50
Exactly. I dont question the Spurs front office but when it comes to Javtokas and Scola, they have been Spurs property since 2001 and 2002, shouldn't they know by now if their skills have a chance to translate to the NBA?
They drafted Manu in 99 and didn't bring him over til 02-03. And that was after he had won championships and MVP awards in Europe and stole the show in the Wolrd Championships in 02. Javtokas and Scola haven't won anything even close to Manu, team wise or individual wise. Scola's situation has been exascerbated by his buyout clause. Oh, and Javtokas had some "minor motorcycle related issues" along the way. So, the extra time its taken is NOT unreasonable in my eyes.

And for all those who think they can evaluate how Euro talent will translate to the NBA game, sorry, but I have NO hesitation in saying I will trust Pop and RC's evaluations of talent/translation/worth over yours. No offense.
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