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As far as old picks like scola and Jak, well, if you're unsure about their game translating to the NBA then why invite JAK to come over 5 weeks ago and then make out like, "Oh but we wanted you for less than that." They've been scouting these guys for years, you would think they know by now what they have or don't have.
I dont know about the Jack situation because enough info on what really happened just isnt out there

but for Scola. I dont think they should have known for sure when they took a flyer on him back then that he couldnt fit with Duncan. They could have easily reached that assessment later for all we know.

We have known for multiple seasons that SA didnt have him as a priority to really bring sure SA knows that they dont think he fits but did they know that when they took a chance on him way back when? He was tied to a bad contract buyout and wouldnt even be avail for several years after that

they could have easily thought it was worth the risk that he developed into something that would have worked in their system with Duncan. I mean at that time of the draft DROB was still playing
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