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Originally Posted by tejasfight
I don't get the Nazi hate mail. I never thought he was Bill Russell, but he sure as hell helped out against the Pistons.

What happend between he and Pop? Is this one of the famous "you're in the dog house but I'm not telling you why" moments form Pop?

I wouldn't mind seeing him back.
You don't get the Nazi hate mail- They started WWII, what's there not to get. J/k. I still think his name is mispronounced. It should be pronounced Nazrrrrr like in Nasir, only the right arabic accent makes it appear to sound "Naahze". Anyway, the guy wasn't consistent enough- made too many mistakes - too many iffs to pay him the money he wanted. He has no reason to complain- he just wasn't the player he can be consistently enough.
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