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Well...if it's not known by now amongst big men in the league...this should serve notice front and center (no pun intended)...

The role of ANY big man that comes to SA is going to be that of limited personal opportunity.

They must do the dirty work on defense and be ready in limited situations to effectively produce offensively.

The center on this team is at best, the 4th option in scoring opportunities and is required to be a monster in the post for rebounding and blocks. They also must be open to take blame even if it's not their fault.

That's just how it works on this team for centers.

Rasho (even though he might have been willing to be that kind of player) simply could not produce.

Nazr (even though showed he could produce) was not willing to accept that kind of role.

Somewhere out there... Is there?...a big man (C or PF) that will both be willing to accept that kind of role AND be able to produce in those circumstances.

There up and coming talent that is eager to join any team so as to show case their talents for future considerations...OR...a proven veteran (8 years plus in this league) that has achieved statistically all they can except win a ring.
In the face of adversity I still say...Go Spurs Go

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