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Originally Posted by Israel2005
The Spurs are the cream of the crop when it comes to drafting foreigners but the way they are dealing with Scola seems to be inappropriate. It's one thing if they don't think Scola will fit in next toTD but it's a completely different story as far them not even communicating with the guy or his agent. The Spurs obviously don't want Scola and are probably hoping that by ignoring him and his/agent that they will demand that his rights be traded. The problem with this is that when you're forced to trade somebody you don't get equal value in return. Therefore, the Spurs are diminishing Scola's trade value.
I dont think anyone really knows what the Spurs have or have not told Scola or Scola's agent, because the Spurs do not talk about anything pubically this time of year we only get one side. even that is questionable. Hell...someone posted the other day in one of the 10,345 Scola threads over the past few weeks that according to Olé Newspaper in Argentina the Spurs had told Scola he was not in their plans for this year.

Which is it?
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