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Underestimation Of Scola

Originally Posted by daved
The spurs need a starting center, and i think the bucks have him. jamal magloire has one year left on his contract 06-07. They already have a good center in andrew bogut, the spurs can trade the rights of scola, and a player, for Magloire. The bucks need a starting power forward and scola is their man.
As much sense as this makes, I continue to say that Scola (based on seeing him play live in six games while studying abroad in Spain) would bring back exactly what they've missed since the departure of Malik Rose, plus SO much more. Even with the European League MVP titles piling up for him, I don't think many people in SA or on SpursReport truly appreciate what he would be able to bring to the team. He's a slightly taller, slightly thinner, much more athletic Malik Rose, who can score jumpers from the free throw line extended out to very nearly the FIBA 3-pt line, AND drive (and, dare I say, SLASH) the lane with nearly the seemingly reckless, yet controlled, abandon that we all have seen and expect from Manu. This guy, Scola, is simply a BEAST, and provides things that everyone both on the Spurs staff AND on SR have stated the team needs to acquire in the offseason!!! I just wish that there were more video - full-game video, especially - so that all of you could see, so that we ALL could somehow DEMAND the Spurs finally bring this guy over! Ugh!!! I'm telling you guys (and girls), this guy is EVERY bit as good as the reputation that supercedes him. And of course Spurs brass know everything and more than I do. So if the team decides to trade his rights to another team, you all should expect a GREAT deal in return.

Alright, I'll go and cool down now(!) Lol. Feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall here... But just don't underestimate what Luis Scola could and should bring to this team. He SHOULD play here. If he doesn't, we all can expect something/someone very high in quality in return. That is all! ;oP
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