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Crow Tastes Yummy!!!!

As much as I disliked the mavs, I knew they had to be a pretty damn good basketball team to get by us. I also knew that the Heat had done close to nothing against the 5 division winners in the regular season and thought the Pistons imploded more than the Heat beat them. So, based on those three things I didn't give the Heat a chance in this series and thought that Dallas would have it over and quickly, even though seeing Mark Cuban holding a trophy would be the absolute last thing I wanted to see. I root with the heart, but predict with the head, and boy could I not be more happy to have been wrong.

So on that note here I am to say props to the Heat on a job well done, and I'll take my crow blackened with a hint of lemon.

Oh, and in case you're still scoring at home......

Spurs 3
rockettes 2

mavs 0
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