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Wow, the Mavericks are really looking like a horrible bunch of spoiled brats. From the Owner to the coach to the players to thier fans, thier whole organization is showing that they are total azzes in front of the entire world.

They seriously are making themselves look like the most unprofessional NBA team in the entire league. Its one thing when fans blame the refs and give no credit what-so-ever to the other team, its entirely different when the team is doing that.

And this is just after one game where they feel like the refs made bad calls down the stretch that made them lose. That happened 3 times to the Spurs in one damn series and they kept thier cool, even they were the current champs and were getting the kind of respect a first time playoff appearance team gets. Wow I'm starting to respect the Spurs more and more for the way they win, and lose.

These guys are complaining when they have won so many games this year in the playoffs on questionable calls putting them at the line with seconds left in the game and them having a chance to determine the outcome of the game from the free throw line. Its called Karma.

And to Cuban who seems to forget that it was the Mavs getting all the whistle and favorable calls that even got them into the Finals in the first place. I wonder how much Stern is going to want to see you there again next season. I would bet money that the Mavs won't be getting all those favorable and questionable calls next year thanks to the crying they are all doing right now.

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