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Originally Posted by Carnac The Magnificent
No, you, let's get one thing striaght:
To comdemn a segment of people is IGNORANT.
Sportswriters, Mavs fans, whatever. When you come out with an irresponsible take like, "sports writers are morons", that's so irresposible, it boggles my mind. You insult my profession. What if you were able to make it as a sports writer? Would you be a moron?

Sports writers have plenty of qualifications. You think we just walk into newspapers and say, "I wanna be a spotrs writer" and we get hired?
Sports writers are very smart people. You have to be. You have to balance a very delicate relationship. For most of the season, Mark Cuban is really chummy with the writers here in town. right now, it's not so chummy. A sports writer needs to be able to distinguish that relationship. One as a friend and one as an eye of society.
Sports writers need plenty of qualifications to cover high schools, much less a pro sport. And they don't stay there without being able to do a great job.
I know many of the people you read in the Dallas area, and they're all brilliant people.
They don't love to sh!t on athletes, but they need to have an opinion. and those opinions are sometimes not flattering. But it's OK when those opinions are directed at team we don't like, like the Mavs.
Like I said, when you condemn a certain segment of society, it's about as ignorant as you can be. And that's a fact.

Jeez, c'mon. That's just.....
What do reporters want? What people want. Reaction.
Is that so hard?
If the Mavs melted down and lost a game in a series it looked like they had control of, then we want to know how AJ reacts to it. That's why the questions are asked. We know how they feel. We just need them to express it. Put it in perspective. Maybe AJ is looking for the silver lining. Or maybe he's p!ssed as can be.
We don't know. That's why the questions are asked. And why you all will always listen and read.
You need to settle down.
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