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Originally Posted by DizzG
I think he established himself in the backcourt by ... "Frontcourt/backcourt status is not attained until a player with the ball has established a positive position in either half."

He never had the ball in the frontcourt, so he established backcourt status when he caught the ball and landed in the backcourt.
Hmmm....I didn't know of this rule. It now seems there wasn't any backcourt violation after all.

However, I believe I have seen a similar (but not identical) situation where a backcourt violation WAS called.

That is when instead of inbounding, the ball is deep in the backcourt, and the guy with it passes it to a teammate who was in the front court, but jumps back, catches the ball in the air, and lands in the back court.

It all adds up to confusion. Naturally the NBA execs should make some public announcement to clear things up, but they won't.
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