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Originally Posted by To be named later what we have established here is that Marky Mark did not have proper adult supervision as a child, evidenced by his watching mature audience NC-17 Carlin material, also evidenced by his need to use profanity at a young age.

What a pansy, cop out response by Cuban.

Instead of raging about the foul call on Wade, instead of ranting about the poorly timed time out, instead of ranting about the officiating, instead of whining about the over & back, instead of whining about his usual bs, instead he yaps on about a non-issue....his curse word in an interview.

Why would Cuban whine about some little crap nobody cared about?

Why would Cuban whine about this insignificant thing when Mavs fans are waiting for Cubie to rant on other topics?

hehe! I think we just saw Cubie wimp out.......sounds like maybe Stern neutered Cubie and shut him up.

Why else would Cubie pass on a chance to whine and cry publically?
That was my feeling exactly. He'd already received "the phonecall." So, he was back tracking big time, trying to put some sort of spin or justification to it. When in all actuality he has no justification. His actions last night showed that he has absolutely lost it. And his crassness has filtered down into his coaching staff and players.

Good luck in winning the championship now are definitely going to need it now.
Go Spurs Go!!!!!!!!!!
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