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Originally Posted by Mr Objectivity
I wonder how no1 sees the irony that this entire board is nothing but Spurs fan complining, whining, *****ing, and being classless about how everyone else is the world is complaining, whining, *****ing, and being classless.
What goes around comes around. Not a very bright first post if I may say. We are enjoying the payback. We are not the players or owner or coaches. We are anonymous people posting on a forum that encourages discussion. What is the problem with that Mr Objectivity? It is not like our players, coaches and owner would stoop to that level. We KNOW they wouldn't. We are just amazed how much and how often the entire mav organization whines and are classless in the public eye.
It is what it is -- Bruce Bowen
When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks.-- Bill Walton

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