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Originally Posted by spurtime
I was referring to us trading his rights...I guess his moving to another club team in Europe isn't out of the question, though.
In the first place, I don't know about the specifics of the buyout clause for a fact, but I'd say it's pretty much a given that it's only valid for him to leave for the NBA, not Europe. Remember, he still has a contract binding him to Tau, and from everything read the 3.5M figure is not explicitly stipulated in the contract, but it's a verbal agreement that they've reached. So, he can't just come one day and say... hmmm... 'Here's your 3.5M. BTW, I changed my mind, I'm going to Barcelona now', because they won't release him. If he goes to the NBA, however, they'll get paid and they won't have to face him and bear angry hordes of fans... it would work for both Tau and Scola.

Finally, Tau is already one of the top European players, and even if he intended to play for another European club, he wouldn't get a contract large enough to both pay the buyout and at least match his current pay. To me it's clear that he either goes to the NBA, or he plays out his contract. If he follows the latter path, he might sign elsewhere once his current deal expires, but I don't think he'd be in a hurry to leave Tau for another European team, he's too comfortable there.
Originally Posted by DizzG
Well if he was coming to the NBA he either has to play for SA or SA has to trade him
Yeah, to me it seems like Tau are getting ahead of themselves. Just because they now intend to have him go to the NBA it doesn't mean it's going to happen. There are a lot of parties involved, including Tau, Scola, the Spurs, and possibly another team interested, so their willingness is only a necessary condition, but hardly sufficient for Scola to play in the NBA.
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