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Just another spurs offseason thread

Don't get mad at me. I don't post much- once every ice age. I figure why post team moves/trades when the team's winning titles- everything's great. But now that they lost this year:

Use the LLE on Javtokas.

For the MLE- 1. use it on Scola. Think about it: Scola, Javtokas, Mahinmi (a year or two from now), and Tim. DAMN! That's awesome. 2. use it on Speedy. He'd be the perfect backup at point. He's much quicker than Beno. When you look at the Mavs and Suns PGs, Beno's lack of quickness is a concern. But if the Spurs have no choice, Beno as backup is OK.

Backup SF- Smith from the Hornets isn't the answer. He's young and athletic but he butted heads with NO management. He wouldn't be the longterm answer at SF. The problem for the Spurs is- if they want a solid young SF (Smith or Childress from ATL, Mo Pete from TOR, Deng from CHI), it's gonna cost them Scola and Beno minimum.

This year's draft is weak- Carney, Brewer, and Gay would be targets for the Spurs. I wouldn't trade Scola for them. Rudy Guy from Washington is a top four lock, Spurs have no shot at him.

If the Spurs sign Scola- they could get a veteran PG as their 3rd PG but they'd still have that hole at backup SF and they wouldn't have the assets to trade for a good young SF. Their offseason would come down to Nazr in a sign and trade for a SF.

If Spurs go with Speedy- they would trade Scola for that SF. But they can't go into next season with Rasho and Javtokas. They'll need one more big man....not Oberto.

Their offseason might come down to Nazr. Hope for some sign and trade package that gives them that SF or PF/C (depending on Scola/Speedy decision).

Took me a bit to come up with this, go ahead and rip me with
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