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How did this idiot ever get a concealed weapons permit?
August 23, 2004
An Old Familiar Refrain
Sadly, the Jail Blazers moniker is back in fashion again. Zach Randolph just can't stay out of trouble.

Zach Randolph of the Portland Trail Blazers might face a criminal charge for misleading police officers investigating the shooting of three men on a nightclub dancefloor, a prosecutor said Monday.
The NBA forward's brother, Roger Randolph, 22, faces preliminary charges of criminal recklessness for the Sunday shootings.

Madison County prosecutor Rodney Cummings said Zach Randolph told investigators he did not know who fired the shots, but other witnesses said he held his brother while Roger Randolph fired a gun.

"I think there's a good chance Zach Randolph will be charged with a crime as well," Cummings told the Associated Press. "I would certainly say he's being investigated for false informing or assisting a criminal."

I've blogged on Zach Randolf before:

Zach Randolph, this season's emerging star, doesn't have a spotless history...he broke Ruben Patterson's eye socket in a practice scuffle last season. Now he's been caught driving under the influence (heavy marijuana smell in the car) without an Oregon license (though at least he had one from Indiana), and no proof of insurance (though he evidently does have insurance).
...and from a now-dead Oregonian link I referenced in that same post:

This is the first legal trouble Randolph has faced since the Blazers drafted him with the 19th overall pick in 2000. However, while he attended high school in Marion, Ind., Randolph served 30 days in juvenile detention for shoplifting, 30 days house arrest for battery and 30 days in juvenile detention for possession of stolen property -- guns -- one of which he sold.
In September, he pleaded guilty to underage drinking from a May 2002 incident in Marion.

Some pro sports stars struggle more than others to overcome a tough background. Zach needs to have a serious talk with himself the way that Ray Lewis (of the Baltimore Ravens) evidently did four years ago. He nearly saw his life come crashing down surrounding members of his posse stabbing two men to death outside an Atlanta nightclub the night of SuperBowl XXXIV. Zach needs to grow up fast, and if that means abandoning some of his friends and not partying with relatives, time to do it.

The Blazers made good progress last year at getting rid of some of their bad apples. And, a couple of their charges seem to be reforming (like Stoudamire and maybe Qyntel Woods). We'll see with Darius Miles...he also comes from a rough place where it can be hard to avoid trouble when visiting. Zach isn't learning, and unfortunately his trade value just dropped a bit.

I wish Zach the best...with some other NBA team.

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