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Originally, my initial court date was set for 15 May, but due to scheduling conflicts, it was moved to yesterday, 31 May. This hearing was for a ruling as to whether or not Temporary Orders needed to be issued changing my daughters residence. In Texas, at least, there are basically 2 reasons that the judge will do that; 1) if the childs mental or physical well-being are in jeopardy by staying where she's at, or 2) the custodial parent has given up the care, custody, and control of their child for the preceeding 6 months.

The judge ruled in my favor, saying that there were no immediate grounds for uprooting my daughter from her current residence. Technically, that was only the first ruling, and there could very well be another for a final custody disposition. This would be much different than the one I went through yesterday. However, I think that my ex will drop the case, since she got her ass whipped in court yesterday.

Just wanted to thank all for the thoughts, well-wishes, and mostly for the prayers. All has turned out well to date, but please don't stop praying, as this may not be completely over.
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