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The Facts are the majority of Spurs fans would like to see Nazr AND Rasho gone if you go by this and other Spurs this whole "Did Nazr get treated bad" topic this has turned into seems pretty pointless
Oh I want both Nazr and Rasho gone. But that's because Pop's not going to change just like with Malik. Even when Malik played well he'd not get any playing time. It's very similar situation. Trade them before they're stucked in Pop's doghouses. But it's not pointless to talk about this, because like you said, we can't affect anyone in the FO but this is just what discussion forums do - discuss.

I dont believe the Pop didnt play Nazr against the Mavs because of some personal vendetta. He didnt play Rasho either. He didnt think they matched up..period. Spurs fans can debate that all summer but he was very clear why he did what he did. Some just dont agree with it being the best course
The problem with this argument is that Horry is not small either. He's old and slow, he's shorter but he's not a 'small' player. Also going small and see if it will work is ok. But never try a big lineup in 7 games? Not even half a game? That's even more insane than you said I'm 'insane'.

it was a battle between Rasho and Nazr for who sucked least and its been the same way in this forum going back to last season. the debates have been endless and other than Coyotefan I dont think anyone thought either Center was very good
Yeap. They sucked so bad that we played 4 on 5 for the whole season, and yet we still win 63 games, the most in Spurs history, with TD's bad foot and Manu's injures here and there. Yeap. They sucked but somehow the other 4 guys play so well the league should be embarrassed because they let Spurs win game after game playing 4 on 5.
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