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Originally Posted by DizzG
It doesnt matter.
It's your most common response nowadays. You can't admit that there's unfair treatment for Nazr even though it's obvious. You never even want to talk about why Nazr got back the starting job. You never want to talk about why Nazr played well and aggressive during 1st game against the Kings and suddenly he's not getting any minutes. You can't. You can only say that 'well overall he doesn't have a good year'. That's it. You can't talk about the specifics.

Robert Horry is one of the most clutch players of all time and usually brings it in the playoffs. There is a serious difference in Pop wanting to still go with Horry and Nazr who isnt proven what Horry has
Going to Horry First is one thing. Going to Horry after he's been playing crap for more than a few games is a completely different thing. In fact you just admit that there's a difference between the treatment between Nazr and Horry. I'm sorry but that's just not right. Horry got game after game after game, Nazr got DNP after DNP after DNP. And Rasho too. How can you explain why Rasho getting DNP after DNP after DNP? You can't. You can only focus on Nazr because it's easier, but you can't talk about Rasho. It's too hard to show you've a valid point when you talk about both. Rasho was in Pop's doghouse too. Or you want to say that 'Rasho has not been playing well all year' too?
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