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Originally Posted by Robinson50
Yeah right. Horry wasn't close to his 2005 playoffs form either, why's he keep seeing mintues? NVE wasn't close to any of his NBA form either, why's he keep getting mintues? Give me a break. Nazr was playing aggressive during the 1st game of the playoffs against the Kings, then he hit that 3 and Pop jumped on him. Even asked Bowen to speak out (Bowen is always Pop's messenger). It was obvious.
It doesnt matter. Pop explained why he played like he did against Dallas and you just dont agree with it. You dont like Pop which is obvious. Where is the proof that he asked Bowen to say something? Just like this nonsense that Pop put Nazr on his Sh!T list because he turned down the extension when SA could only offer a limited about per the CBA and most any player would do exactly what Nazr did in waiting. The Front office would have known Nazr would turn it down because anyone would at that point.

Nazr didnt play that well this year and most people here wanted him gone before the playoffs even started

Robert Horry is one of the most clutch players of all time and usually brings it in the playoffs. There is a serious difference in Pop wanting to still go with Horry and Nazr who isnt proven what Horry has
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