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Originally Posted by SA Spurs 2006
I am one of Nazr's biggest supporters. If what he said is true, then i'm kind of dissapointed that he said that but at the same time I don't blame him because he wasn't really given a chance in this series to contribute. But then again, He averaged 17 mins, 5.25 points and 3 rebounds vs the 4 games that we faced the Mavs in the regular season. so I dont know how much of a difference he would've made anyway.

but it's just weird that Dampier, Diop, Keith Van Horn couldn't contain Duncan yet they still got playing time , yet we couldn't do the same with NAzr and Rasho guarding Dirk. But that's :

Watch the Mavs vs Suns series....Diop and Dampier wont get much playing time because the player they will guard which is Tim Thomas will be above the 3pt line which they will not be able to guard...and the game will be a fast pace which will wear these 2 out..If Mavs lose game 1 A J he probably play rest of series without a true center....
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