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I do feel that Pop did not show any of his famous "adjustment"s, it is hard to say if AJ outcoached him. It is more of Pop not showing any of his usual brilliance. It is quite evident by the fact that big three had great games and bench missed so horribly.

Even though I am very happy with the way team fought it out, I am still disappointed with the D or the lack of it in both series.

To Pop's credit, players in the bench really went cold in the playoffs. Big men ball handling was not that great. Horry went completely cold in DAL series. Barry was not confident in his outside shooting. These factors did tie Pop's hands to certain extent.

Should Pop talk about why he used certain strategy to all the fans? IMHO certainly not. Series and the season is over, I would just look for next season, being what he is and knowing what all he has acomplished I see less reasons for him to acknowledge flaws in his strategy (call it ego or whatever, he earned it)

We are all saddened because our team could not defend the title and we'll have to live with hearing the same argument by the talking heads. But, it is is alright, we have to be happy that the matches are so competative and enjoy as it lasts. I will take 5 rings in 10 years than 3 rings in 3 years and going blank for next 7 years.
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