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Originally Posted by LoyalLaker
As a non-Spurs fan, lemme give y'all some perspective:

The only reasons y'all didn't win were ...

1) TD was hurt all year (despite playing 80 games) and never fully healed, plus

2) Ginobili missed a shot at the end of regulation in game 7 that he makes 99% of the time.

Quit whining about the refs, etc. - the officiating sucked, but it comes off as sour grapes. The ball just didn't bounce your way.

Bottom line: you have the best 3-man core and the best front office in the league. With a summer of rest and your GM's usual tweaking, you'll be the favorites in 06-07, 07-08 and probably 08-09.
Refreshing to hear the thoughts of a Laker fan, for whom i have a newfound respect for after dealing with Mavericks idiots for the past few weeks.

You're right though. The ball didn't bounce our way the entire series and we still hung in there for 7 games. After a few tweaks to the roster, and god-willing an injury-free season, we should be back in contention (even though we're always in contention). I miss the Spurs/Lakers rivlary already.

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