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Throughout the series, especially in this late game, I felt our only hope at defense was praying the Mavs would miss. Every single possession the Mavs had the ball, its like I knew they were going to shoot almost uncontested, and I would just say "please miss"... Well its very apparent what the outcome was when the Mavs were hitting their shots: look at quarter 1 of game 7, the Spurs got buried. Our standard defense just wasnt there, our standard game just wasnt there, the Spurs werent the Spurs. At times I felt like we were trying to play Suns ball, or something of the sort. Pop obviously had his mind set on playing small ball, and why I'm not sure. It seems it would be better the force the Mavs into playing our game, not vice versa.

Also, if you notice, in all 3 games the Spurs won, both teams scored under 100 points, and in all 4 games in which the Mavs won, the Mavs scored over 100, and the Spurs did too or came close.

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