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Originally Posted by gooduy
Definitely they have to unload Barry, Rasho, Oberto and Udrih. They have to get a Lindsay Hunter-type backup point guard. Better yet, they should trade the rights of Scola. I don't see that he'll be SIGNIFICANTLY better than Oberto in an NBA game. Don't get me wrong, I think Oberto is a good player but he has not adjusted well to the NBA game.
I would like to see that. But I doubt KG would do that.
Beno will be fine. The worst move of the last off season was bringing in a "seasoned veteran" (NVE) to back up TP. This did nothing but slow down Beno's development. Beno was fine when given the chance to play this year. Hopefully his role will be expanded next year.

The reason Oberto has not adjusted to the NBA game is because he hasn't been given the chance yet. He is (was) a first year player, and just like any "rookie", they need time and game experience to fully develope. Give the guy another year with more plying time and he will be fine.
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