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Pop had a subpar series, and indeed, a subpar year. There is just no running away from this conclusion. Here are the indictments.

* Smallball is fine, but you can't play it to the exclusion of everything else. How can you justify totally not letting our two centers play? That just put too much pressure on the six, seven rotation guys against a very deep Mavs team. Surely Rasho can guard Dirk for a few possessions - he's had success against Rasheed. Surely Nazr can earn his way to a few rebounds?

* Pop stuck with NVE throughout the year, and threw Beno into the doghouse, even though Beno had been playing better THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. That came home to roost because NVE gave us nothing. And now I don't blame Beno if he is fed up and wants to be traded. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

* How many times in this series has Pop called a timeout, set up a play, and have it actually result in a score? It seems like all the plays were broken. That can't all be on the players.

* How many times in this series has Pop called for the Spurs to attack Dirk? He let the opposing MVP get away with defending non-aggressive players, and consequently Dirk never got into foul trouble in the entire series.
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