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Originally Posted by Robinson50

1. It's totally TP's fault, he didn't defend Dirk well enough.
2. It's totally Nazr/Rasho's fault, they weren't able to defend or rebound on the bench when we all expect them to raise their games to another level sitting.
3. It's totally my fault, my doubt on Pop caused bad karma.

Don't worry, we'd bounce back when we practice a lineup of TD + 4 guards for a full season.
I missed that last word on the 2nd bullet and, i thought you were still serious until i got to the last one.

Originally Posted by spurssheriff
That depends if you believe Pop can do no wrong or not.

As Buck Harvey says in today's newspaper article:

"Luck was part of it. But so was a Dallas team that came with more depth, more shooters, more size — and a star who could counter Tim Duncan."
The Spurs had Size, It was sitting it's @$$ on the bench.
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