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Originally Posted by GameFan2k5
In my eyes we didn't lose in overtime. We lost at the start of this series when the Spurs choose to go small and never go back. Going small and scoring is fools gold. It gets you exciting wins and teases you but doesn't win championships. He built this team by winning 3 titles with rebounding, and a defense that filters guards to bigs. Tim with his bad feet and all gutted it out and was asked to do everything. Then people blame him for getting tired in the Overtime.

My list of Panic Moves:
Horry being wasted in the first series when he was overplayed and asked to rebound, defend, and even create some of his own shots. He shot 20% in this series

7 starting lineup changes, I just don't ever recall this happening to a championship team

Going small... What else did we expect? Asking players to do things they have never done all season. Asking Bowen and guards to get rebounds from Dirk and Damp, Asking defenders to just scramble like mad when they didnt' do that all of the regulear season, Not giving a starting Center even one chance to start or more than 1 minute to get in the game and get settle into the pace. Rasho and Nazr might have played like 5 total minutes off the bench when they hadn't been coming off the bench all season.
doesn't this sum it up?
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