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Originally Posted by Cryan Yahood
How bout Dampier or Diop and then you slide TD to Dirk?

It's not lik Bowen was shutting down Dirk at any point and TD defends Dirk as well as anyone.

The bottomline is that Pop completely threw out the bigs. It's understandable to use them less because of matchups but to cut their minutes from 25 to 0 was too radical of a move.

Nazr/Rasho helps you on the glass and in giving you that 2nd shot blocker the Spurs lacked this series to help TD. They slow the tempo down and you send a message to the Mavs that they need to match your game, not you succumbing to their tempo and style.

It's not like the matchups Pop used were slowing penetration to the hoop so you have to ask yourself how much worse could it have been when Mavs players were getting to the hoop at will anyway?
Thats pretty much what I say already is how much worse could have gotten then it was without Nazr and Rasho in. They pretty much got layups everytime since the paint was open. I would even put Nazr or Rasho on Dirk since he was lighting up anyways with smaller guys on him and it couldn't really get worse since they would get all the fouls instead of our other players. Still boggles my mind is how anybody can defend small ball logically.
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