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Nobody really knows what really happened behind close doors. I don't think Nazr should get blasted in here. The guy never played lol how can you bash guy who has never played in the series more then a few minutes. Its human nature to act the way he did. Imagine if you were in that situation you would be pretty frustrated to not being able to play and do anything to help your team while feeling your just as good as Dallas' centers but your coach has 0 faith in your abliities despite being part of a championship run the year before. All that is left is to idoly watch your team get killed on the boards while you can do nothing to help. That has to be a great feeling atleast give him credit for not b1tching about minutes through the media during this series. He has every right to be mad once the final buzzer is sounded and can say what he wants considering the spurs don't have his contractual rights anymore.

As much as everybody likes to diss Nazr the man is also a competitor. He's played on 2 Kentucky Wildcat championships teams and didn't b1tch about minutes when Magliore stole his starting spot even though it could have hurt his chances of being a first round pick. I think there really is more to this story then what 1 side is presenting. Its somewhere in the middle where Pop made some **** ups along with Nazr. No one is better then the other its just frustrating that a middle reaching point couldn't be reached between the 2.
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