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There were enough "execution" mishaps to more than make up for the "small ball" lineup problem that everyone is complaining about. Players have to be responsible and know that every possession counts. Pop can't control that. By putting it all on Pop, some of you are playing the blame game. Our players played hard but they also made some pretty dumb moves, taking jump shots when the game was close, being slow (and we had our guards out there) on defensive rotations,...and so on.

Just because Pop choose to go small does not mean that is why we lost the series. Remember that with the exception of one game, most were won/lost within 5 points. The refs contributed to our losses in games 3 and 4, but we also failed to execute plays successfully.

I am grateful to have Pop as a coach. He tried something, and it didn't work. He is partly responsible but so are the players. This is no reason to want to get rid of Pop.
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