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Ben Wallace would be nice. It would be a perfect compliment to Duncan. That will only happen in the Fantasy League.

Bonzi would be nice but I doubt the Spurs, assuming they have the cap space would sign him. Character issue. The Spurs value the character of a player.

Bobby Jackson is injury-prone. Maybe if it was 4 yrs ago, it be a nice pickup.

Drew Gooden -- I dont see the Spurs bidding against the Cavs (Ferry). But, it be a good pickup if Gooden could concentrate on rebounding and defense. I like this guy's effort but he has serious issues in learning the defensive and offensive schemes. That's the downside.

Definitely they have to unload Barry, Rasho, Oberto and Udrih. They have to get a Lindsay Hunter-type backup point guard. Better yet, they should trade the rights of Scola. I don't see that he'll be SIGNIFICANTLY better than Oberto in an NBA game. Don't get me wrong, I think Oberto is a good player but he has not adjusted well to the NBA game.

I would like to see that. But I doubt KG would do that.

Originally Posted by MenInBlackAreBack
Yes, I know...there are very few high-profile FAs available. Most are restricted. Maybe we should save our money for KG?
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