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An NBA team is a business. Teams that get the most bang for the buck have the best chance to win. Pretty much why I love salary caps and parity. Way more fun for the armchair GM.

That said, deeming 12million of your 64million in assets as unusable indicates either a poor investment decision (GM) or bad asset management (coaching). Personally, I think Poppovich is a good GM. I liked the investments and they returned 63 wins. Surely someone could figure out how to use 20+% of their ammunition rather than leaving it idle in what I considered the "Western Conference Finals." Perhaps running the team engine on 75% of it's cylinders contributed to both overtime smokings?

Regardless, Poppovich isn't going anywhere. Before you fire someone, you should have a better replacement in mind. Not to mention I thought he was basically his own boss.

Yes, I'm angry. But no, I'm not going to say fire Poppovich.

Pulling for the Clippers... uhhh.... Suns..... nah, not them either. I guess I'll just go try to pull in some redfish.....
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