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Originally Posted by Twilite Kid

I pretty much watched every single spurs game this season and there were maybe only 2 or 3 games that I thought Nazr played well. .
You're kidding if you think Nazr played only 2 or 3 good games and Pop would actually let him became the starter again.

Originally Posted by spurssheriff
Nazr had a chance to extend his contract with the Spurs. The moment he said he's take his chances in the free agent market and declined the offe, he got on Pop's sh*t list.

The Spurs decided that they were going to make sure not to give him any opportunities to showcase for a better contract somewhere.

Can you blame the guy for being pissed?
To be fair Rasho was given the same treatment. IMO it's more about Pop's inability to figure out how to play big men against quick teams then the contract situation, at least that seems to be the case during the playoffs.
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