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Originally Posted by spurssheriff
Pop did some really crazy things. But in the end, if Duncan or Manu had hit the game winner everyone would have thought he was a genius.

On the other hand, there are many who think the series would not have been as close as it was had the bigs been inside (like Dallas' were) playing D.

Late in Game 7, Dallas did the same thing San Antonio had been doing the whole time- played small- and the game nearly got away from them.

The "no bigs" move will be debated for years to come.

I know what I ann most of you feel... Frustration.

But in the end, win or lose, glory or gutter it does fall on the coach.
Problem is our bigs can't play for S**T against this Dallas team. They are too athletic of a team that they only rely on their bigs for rebounds. We needed to cover their shooters, as they could afford to have shooters at every position. and even if it was dampier or diop, they don't have to shoot they just need to be smart enough to get it to terry, howard or dirk.

Admit it, even though he went small, it almost gave us the series. I think the thing that killed us was mental mistakes. Think about it, an inbounds pass missed, fouls that did not need to be taken, wide-open misses, not taking the ball inside and instead trying to finesse the ball into the hoop. I know we want to blame the refs, but bottom line is we were right there and just missed it.

Let us not revert to the foolishness of 2001 and 2002. we won 3 championships in 7 years, lets act like it.

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