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Originally Posted by TexasNate
Lets take note of just the past few days of the tasteful, refined, mature, and classy organization that is known as the Dallas Mavericks:
  • After receiving a blow job the entire series by the referees, without which Dallas would have likely been out of this two games ago, as agreed upon nationwide including national sports analysts, their coach whines and complains repeatedly about the officiating
  • Their owner childishly insults the entire city of San Antonio, calls Tim Duncan, of all people, a crybaby, and basically calls the RiverWalk a muddy piece of crap
  • A major radio station in the area laughs at Pop and the Spurs just prior to being beaten in their own building in a must-win game situation
  • They waive one of their most significant franchise players and model citizens (who was a big financial contributor to the community), punch him in the groin, then boo him every chance they get

And this is just in a relatively short and recent time frame.

Right now I'd be even more ashamed than usual if I were a Mavs fan .

You know, when I read this I start to wonder. Have the Spurs gotten into the Mavericks heads???? I mean, it sounds like the Mavericks can't even sleep without talking down about the Spurs. It seems to me, especially those homers in Mavs fourms, are totally blind to whats going on. I mean, they say we whined and complained about the refs during games 3 and 4............and now they are whining about the refs in games 5 and 6. Hmmm......have they phyched themselves out before Game 7???
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