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Memo: From David Stern NBA Commissioner and Grand Poobah:

To: NBA officials, ABC, TNT, ESPN, Mark Cuban, and Fox Sports

Re: NBA finals

I am presently taking suggestions of how to best "facilitate" a different NBA Finals matchup other than the Spurs and Pistons. It would be "unfortunate" if they were to meet in the Championship Round again, and we should explore all avenues to see if there are "alternative" matchups that I, err I mean America, might find more intriguing and "watchable". Please feel free to drop all your suggestions at the nearest Wendy's (using other more conventional sites might draw unwanted attention, and spring more of those 'conspiracy guys' that we all hate, except of course for you, Mark). I am eagerly awaiting to hear from all of you, especially NBA officiating.

Hugs and Kisses

Uncle Dave
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