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Refs are not lay people. They have ALOT of training on what to look for and where each refs attention needs to be. That said the officiating is HORRIBLE. These refs are choking worse than Memphis in a 1st round series. Too many ticky tack phantom calls and then someone lays some serious smack down and its like their waiting for the whistle to clear their digestive track.

That said...

The Spurs have not played up to their ability... it has taken waaay to long for Manu and Parker to get their aggressiveness upto where it needs to be during each game. I see the 4th quarter and its like...where the HELL as THIS MANU been all f*ckin game. 12 stud minutes ain't gonna cut it Tony and Manu... give us the 30-35 a piece your both capable of and this series ain't even close.
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