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Originally Posted by Robofuzz
Nazr was in there and 1) fumbled a point blank pass for an easy dunk and 2) on the same sequence failed to get back fast enough and fouled the Dallas player for a 3 point play. So, you could say that he was a 5 point liability in one short sequence.
Granted, but you could say that Manu cost us the game with his turnover at the end, or Barry with a terrible in bound, or Horry by missing every shot he took.. So maybe he should just take all three out for the rest of the series. Seriously, you can't put a guy in for 1 minute and expect him to get a rhythym. I'm not gonna say that Rasho or Nazr are great players, but I have zero doubt that either would have been more productive than Horry. At this stage in his career, starting center is not what Horry should be doing. The simple fact is that Dallas can't really match up against the bigs, and Tim needs the extra help defensively.
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