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Originally Posted by DizzG
You really expect people to believe there is no bias in the media...Sports and beyond? There may be good writers who try to have no bias but there is bias in the media at times..and most people know it..rather its sports..real news..politics, etc
Bias in the media? Sure. Is it so widespread that it only affects the Spurs, and is it so blatant that the media ignores the refs only when it pertains to the Spurs? C'mon. To think that there is some bias in the media to ignore refs because it is not sexy enough.... c'mon.

last night had nothing to do with SA being too slow..hell they did a good job at stopping the penetration in the second half. Dallas didnt get over 20 FT's in the 4th quarter because SA was too slow. Duncan didnt foul out because he was slow footed
But they didn't in the first half. The Mavs established themselves as the aggresor. I've said what I feel about Duncan's foul. It was bogus. The refs should let that slide. But the Spurs have benifited a ton from bogus calls as well.
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