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Originally Posted by radicaldreamer
Liiving in Phoenix I have a the opportunity to see them play, and to listen to the local radio schlubs spew their venom about San Antonio. They are under the impression that San Antonio will not beat Dallas because they are old and feeble and that Phoenix will beat Dallas ... as far as Detroit they haven't gotten that far.

I have to admit after last night that the Spurs looked out of whack and maybe i've been brainwashed but they do look old and feeble. Even if the Spurs beat Dallas, can they keep up with the young and athletic Suns? I'm the last bastian of reason in Phoenix, I defend the Spurs everyday at work, to family and friends. But to what end? The "young" Spurs would have dispatched the Kings in 4 and Dallas in 5 or 6. Can somebody please talk some reason into me? Maybe i'm just disappointed after last nights debacle ... err ... game. Show me the light because i'm 1000 miles from home and the orange and purple colors have blinded me. (No really, their uniforms really suck.)
Are you kidding? The Suns doesn't concern me at all, if the Spurs take care of Dallas they won't have any probably with the Suns. I think it would be a 5 game series, spurs win 4-1.
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