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1)Start Rasho or Nazr and bring Horry off the bench.

We need TWO 7 footers on the court to AT LEAST start the game by discouraging the Mavs from driving and to grab REBOUNDS. I don't care if Rasho picks up 3 fouls in the first 3 minutes. It'll at least let them know there will be no easy layups this game (and it'll keep Duncan out of foul trouble, cuz he won't be the only one contesting shots). It will also keep Horry out of foul trouble bringing him off the bench for Rasho/Nazr, allowing him to contribute for once on offense this series.

Two 7 footers has been the formula for success the entire Popovich era, why change it now? We have been adjusting to what AJ does, instead of making him adjust to what we do. After Nazr or Rasho get 3-4 offensive rebounds over the back of Josh Howard or Dirk, AJ will be forced to make a change for once.

Yes, I know Rasho/Nazr can't guard Howard or Dirk 1-on-1, but no one is asking them to. Howard can't guard them in the low post either. If Dirk or Howard takes Rasho off the dribble, he still has Duncan coming at him from the weakside for the block. What can Howard do when Rasho or Nazr throw up a jump hook 3 feet from the basket or drop step them for a power layup, then grabs his own miss for an easy put back using his height advantage? The Mavs could send a double team, but that would open up a 3pt shooter, because they won't send Duncan's man to double team, that's for sure. Hence, we get back to playing SPURS BASKETBALL instead of MAVS BALL!!!

2) Play 3 feet or MORE off of Devin Harris!

You saw the airball 3pter in Game 3. Guess what? He's still 0% on 3ptrs in the playoffs (27% regular season). He is Tony Parker junior (before he worked on his jumper). DARE HIM to shoot the jumper. He made ONE 15ft jumper in Game 3. If they set a screen for him, go UNDER the screen and give up the jumper. If he still penetrates, he never changes directions so don't fall for his jukes and crossovers. Look at all his shots last game, he attacks the right side of the rim from the right side of the floor, and the left side from the left. He faked the Spurs out on the left side in the 4th quarter twice by FAKING the crossover to the middle then going back to the left side of the rim. So MAKE him go middle toward the help on the drive, he has yet to attempt a reverse layup.

3) Have Tony Parker and Manu keep attacking on the left baseline.

Hubie Brown pointed it out in Game 3 that the left baseline drive was open all night for Parker and Manu. Duncan was on the right block, so Dampier/Diop wouldn't leave Duncan to help on the drive. If he leaves Duncan, he risks Parker/Manu dumping the ball off to Duncan for a dunk. Exploit that, and if they rotate down on Duncan when Diop/Dampier help, the cross court corner 3 ptr will be open. Once again, SPURS BASKETBALL. Make them adjust to us!!!
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