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My sentiments exactly. I wondered all night why Pop didn't have our bigs in there. I suppose he was trying to match speed on the perimeter, but those guys weren't shooting from the perimeter, they were driving to the basket where no one was waiting. If Nazr or Rasho are in the game, you can take at least 2-3 of those (crappy) fouls away from Duncan. Plus, who's going to guard Nazr at the post for Dallas? If Diop is on him, then it seems to me that Duncan is free to do what he wants.

Like you said, why change what's worked for so long? In the press conference Pop said he wanted to get Oberto some minutes and see what he could do.. It's the freakin' playoffs, you should have had him playing minutes throughout the season to see what he could do. Don't get me wrong, I think Oberto can contribute coming off the bench some, but he can't replace the presence of Nazr and Rasho.

I think Pop will put them back in for game 4, and we'll see a different type of ball game.
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