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Spurs beat same type of team last year with big's

I don't know if you guy's remember but last year we beat a quick athletic
scoring team like the Mav's called the Phoenix Sun's with our two big men (Duncan & Nazr)
in the staring lineup. We also didn't go small to matchup with the Suns!

So what if dirk would have an advantage! Staudamire averaged 40pts a game last year in that series! It's the rebounding and shot blocking presence we are missing!
We win with our defense and we need another big man in there to play with Tim.
In the past whenever Tim would take a rest we've alway's had a seven footer in the game.
It takes a lot of the pressure off of Tim, and it was evedent with his foul trouble.

The Bottom line is we need the two big man staring lineup again!
That has been the system since we won the championship in 99,03, 05 to our 63 games this year! Why abandon a successful system in the second round of the playoffs?

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