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Originally Posted by Alka-Seltzer
I think there's at attitude and an aptitude that exists now that in order to play great defense, you have to be a poor offensive team. Or, rather that great offensive teams cannot play great defense.
The thing is, I recall the Lakers/Celts of the 80's - both teams were fantastic offensive machines and were able to play great D.
Maybe what we're seeing now is a lack of imagination, and the results of a watered-down league. I don't think we'll ever see lineups so stacked with talent as those teams were again.
Well, there's a lot more parity between teams and players now. That is to say that the difference between a guy who really sucked back then and a guy who was a legend back then was much larger back then than it is now, where the league's crappiest scrub and the league's best player, while clearly at different levels, aren't quite as mismatched as say a Jack Haley covering a Michael Jordan.

Virtually every player in the NBA now grew up being the s*** and was exposed to the AND1, McDonald's All-American Culture.

Back then? Totally different. The league's players are more evenly talented from top to bottom and conversely the teams are more evenly talented, therefore less "stacked" than those Celtics and Lakers dynasties with respect to their respective opponents.
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