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Originally Posted by Rip4Life
Chauncey even said after Sundays game that they knew why they were in the coveted time slot on ABC and it wasn't because of them. They don't go from playing three games on NBATV in the first round to top billing, it's all because of Lebron. I said in another thread that it should be the best, most competitive, basketball game that should get the most attention. But this is the NBA where individual stars are the attraction.

And I actually think that the Pistons get more press and attention for their Championship two years ago this year than they did the year following that they won it. Right after the Pistons won it was all about the Lakers falling apart and Larry Brown this and that, only after they got back to the Finals again last year did people maybe actually realize that the Pistons really are a Championship team, even if they didn't win it last year.
i've heard announcers and analysts say that several times this season, forgetting who is the champion right now. pistons have a great team, but the finals was not in december or january.

don't worry, i know i took that phrase out of context. it bugs me when people do that for real, though.
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